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About Tlamim

TheTlamim Center

Operating and developing in an organic form for three decades, on vast grounds between the fields and Orchards of Kibbutz Magal. The Centres programmes are run and operated by certified instructors and professionals with the assistance of children and youths.

Our therapy assisted riding school
serves youth at risk, who live in dormitories, patients of all ages-some with physical emotional and mental disabilities, all patients of Israeli Health providers, Ezra N.P.O, Ilan Israel, Ministry of Social affairs and social services, Enosh (Israeli association of mental health), Ministry of Health, National Insurance, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder referred by the Ministry of Defence and more.

Dogs Kennels “Dogs Way”
where canine assisted therapy activities are held, as well as raising and training dogs to assist the handicapped with daily chores and to provide companionship.

Centre for domesticated farm and wild animals
 sheep, deer, rabbits, squirrels, turtles alongside coatis and a fox. We also have an Avery with a variety of birds and parrots, hand feeding and treating, rehabilitation area for endangered bird species which are returned to nature once rehabilitated. This project is carried in cooperation between Tlamim and Mr, Ariea Keller of “Israel Nature Parks and Reserves”.
The centre is operated by “Tlamim” and “Misholim” N.P.O with the help of child and youth volunteers. The volunteers are rewarded with a meaningful contribution, enriching activities-nature therapy as well as a hot meal.