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Special Projects

Our Special Projects

Afterschool Club
Our afterschool club offers activities for children with severe physical disabilities who live in the area. We provide transportation for the children to come directly from school.
The activities offered assist the children in their rehabilitation and treatment.

Activities include therapeutic horse riding, dog training and connecting with wild animals. Beyond the rehabilitative and therapeutic value of these activities, the children have an opportunity to meet other riders and volunteers from their surrounding neighborhoods and schools.
Activities also includes horticultural therapy, arts and crafts, help with homework, lunch, fun days and more.

These activities are made possible through the cooperation of the Ministry of Welfare Rehabilitation Division, ILAN - The Israeli Foundation for Handicapped Children, ILAN – Hadera, ESRA, and the Tlamim Center.


Educational Therapeutic Groups
Educational therapeutic groups designed for youth and children at risk.
Our activities are offered to around 90 children and youth at risk who come from areas of neglect and abuse and require therapeutic treatment and supervision.

Our activities assist in fostering self-esteem, self awareness, responsibility, caring for others and achieving goals, with an emphasis on the journey to success and independence.

Natures Way
A professional course in obtaining employment and caring for animals designed for 15 individuals who are intellectually disabled.
The course is led by the Enosh Organization and the Ministry of Health.
The course places an emphasis on rehabilitation and occupational skills and provides opportunities for the intellectually disabled to gain employment and live independently.