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Rehabilitation after school Clubs:

With the support of the Social Welfare Ministry and the Menashe District Council and with the assistance of the ILAN organization and of ESRA, the Association operates two Rehabilitation Clubs for about 40 patients aged from 6 to 21 - Arabs and Jews.
The “Hadarim” after school Club for the intellectually challenged, has been running continuously for the last five years, and
The “Amitim” after school Club  for those suffering from cerebral palsy, has been operating continuously for seven years.
Included among the Clubs’ activities: therapeutic horse riding, therapy with animals and therapy with dogs - reinforced by a hot meal, social activity (celebrating festivals and birthdays) and a range of other stimulating activities (therapy through gardening and nature, etc.).

For information regarding the Clubs’ approach to treatment


Therapeutic Activities:

Every year, the Association carries out group treatment activity in one or more areas of therapy: horse riding therapy, therapy through animals and dogs, for children, youngsters and adults from various backgrounds: educational institutions, boarding schools, local councils, national programs, etc.


Summer Camps and Fun Days:

The Association subsidizes the hosting of groups during festival holidays and during the summer in the form of summer camps and “fun days”, in which participants “get a flavor” of the therapeutic experiences in the different areas of therapy as well as a taste of various social activities: horse shoe painting, baking pita in a Tabun, party games – pitching horse shoes, throwing lassos and more.