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Misholim Association

The Misholim association was established in 2009 with the aim of supporting and promoting a multi-age population, Arab and Jewish, with special needs - head, body and soul injuries, trauma and post-trauma victims and groups at risk, through professional treatment and accompaniment while incorporating animals. The activity is made possible thanks to a dedicated and high-quality team of volunteers who faithfully accompany the work of the association.

The association works in close cooperation with the Tlamim Center in Kibbutz Magal, with the aim of giving its patients the opportunity to improve their quality of life through encounters with animals. The therapeutic approach of the association is based on a comprehensive and professional view while emphasizing sensitivity to the needs of the population and maintaining the welfare of the animals.

The treatment using animals makes it possible to promote empowering educational and therapeutic processes. It is based on a systemic concept that emphasizes the totality of the patients' needs and is designed to help with social and community integration and provide successful experiences during rehabilitation. The goal is to increase the sense of self-worth, identify coping strengths and resources, open up alternatives and expand one's personal perception. This is through the unique relationships forged between the patient and the animal, which result in a significant change and improvement in the quality of life and a breakthrough in individual development and empowerment."

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