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Misholim association

Since 2009, the association has been operating a therapeutic animal farm for people with special needs in collaboration with the Telim Center in Kibbutz Magal, through therapy with the help of a wide variety of animals. The activity is tailored to an audience with diverse special needs, victims of the security system and youth at risk, with an emphasis on a population with little ability.

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The goals of the association

  • Improving the patients' quality of life while achieving significant progress and personal empowerment.

  • Exposing the entire community of people with special needs, while placing emphasis on limited populations who are entitled to treatment using animals.

  • Training the patients to work at the center and employing those who complete the training.

  • Providing professional treatment at the highest level, with the help of leading professionals and advanced equipment.

  • Establishment of a study center for the training of instructors and trainers, which will offer advanced training and courses at an academic level in the field of animal care.

  • Making the treatment method using animals a recognized, accepted and widespread method among the therapeutic community in Israel.

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  • Children and adults with developmental disabilities (PDD, CP, MS, MD), mental retardation, behavioral problems and emotional problems.

  • Children and adults suffering from birth defects.

  • Youth at risk, learning disabilities, patients with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • Cancer patients, head injured, paralyzed, multiple sclerosis patients, autistic, spinal cord injured, mentally ill.

  • Hearing impaired, deaf and blind.

  • Accident victims.

  • Disabled IDF.

Target population

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  • Preserving a family atmosphere of mutual cooperation, dedication, friendship, respect, loyalty and unlimited support.

  • Commitment to work with the highest standards of safety, professionalism and sensitivity as required, as well as uncompromising service and dedication to customers.

  • Constant and ongoing acquisition of knowledge by holding professional courses, training programs, seminars and more.

  • Commitment to nurture, care for and maintain the welfare of the animals used in the association's activities.

The values of the association's activity

Members of the executive committee

Contact Information:

Members of the Executive Committee:

Hagai Itkin - Chairman
Dror Michman - member and chairman
Pinchas Buchris - friend
Noam Braverman - friend
Eran Gorev - friend
Guy Harmelin - friend
Jacques Laundress - friend
Boaz Eitan - friend

CEO of the association:

Ms. Efrat Avneri

Internal Auditor:

Eyal Kartchman

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