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Therapeutic activity

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Therapeutic activity for varying periods of time, in one or more therapeutic areas, for children, teenagers and adults:

  • Those with various disabilities, physical, mental or cognitive, who come from therapeutic, educational settings, institutions, dormitories and more.

  • The patients come from different dormitories, have very problematic mild retardation, mental and developmental disabilities and social problems. Riding for the patients is powerful and designed to improve and strengthen the body, motor skills and multi- system rehabilitation.

  • For at-risk youth with a background of neglect and abuse, who come from special education institutions, boarding schools and more, children from high school with a court order who come for a two-week activity.

Post-trauma program for the Ministry of Defense

The purpose of the program is to restore the feeling of control, in light of the experience of loss of control that characterizes victims
PTSD resulting from emotional dysregulation, flashbacks, anxiety attacks. All this by providing tools for communication and processing relationships
In working with the group and meeting the members of the group, making connections and interpersonal interaction. An experience of empowerment through experiences
of success

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"Leadership "through nature program

This program imparts life skills, social and work skills, in order to train the boys to be active and socially involved. As part of the program, practical content from the animal world (nutrition, treatment, anatomy) is provided
Enhanced studies (English, mathematics, biology and more) and additional enriching content. The rationale of the project lies in strengthening the educational and learning processes that the boys go through in the framework of the education they attend, while empowering them through positive experiences in a protected environment. The relationship forged between the boys and the animal in his activity with them leads to a breakthrough and a far-reaching improvement in the quality of the boy's life and creates a new space for personal development.

Additional activities

National service - for boys with special needs who are not qualified to enlist in the IDF, who volunteer for a year, or two years, on the side of the center's staff, its volunteers and boys who volunteer as part of a year of service at the center, and assist in the maintenance of the center and the care of its animals, under an escort that helps prepare them for reception and integration, significantly , in society and the community at the end of this period.
Daily employment center - for 18-year-olds and older, with intellectual and developmental disabilities, on the autistic continuum and for the rehabilitation population. The variety of occupations at the center allow for choice, preference, equality and optimal adaptation to the needs and desires of each participant in order to help develop a sense of competence and provide a response to emotional needs.
Volunteer training program - for teenagers and adults, with special needs and at risk, who come once a week to volunteer at the various activity complexes in the center. The center's staff accompanies these volunteers, trains them and provides them with work habits and skills, in order to empower them by strengthening the therapeutic and educational processes provided to them.

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