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Tlamim - a therapeutic, experiential, and sports center with the help of animals

The Tlamim Center is a treatment center in Kibbutz Magal that has been operating for over three decades, on a large area of about 18 dunams, among the kibbutz fields. The center operates through special cooperation with the association "Misholim", with the help of a qualified, professional, and experienced team of guides and therapists, accompanied by a social worker and with the help of many volunteers. The center is fully accessible, covered, and equipped with all the facilities and services required for an extended stay.

After the privatization of Kibbutz Magal, the need arose for further education for work and volunteering for the youth of the Kibbutz. The Tlamim Center integrates and connects the children and boys of the kibbutz to activities on the farm, agricultural work and community contribution.


School for riding, training and training horses:
Located in a complex where horse training and training services are provided, breeding and nurturing of purebred Arabian horses and cooperation with schools for training therapeutic riding instructors. The riding school is attended by children, teenagers and adults, within which individual and group activities take place. The activity takes place in a variety of riding arenas (indoor and outdoor), using various facilities and equipment and horses adapted to the nature of the activity taking place there:

Therapeutic activity - for patients of Mashool association, patients of all health insurance funds and private individuals by certified and experienced therapeutic cycling instructors.

Experiential activity - riding lessons, training and management workshops using horses, camps, events, fun days, interface (getting to know the horse and handling it) and more.
Sports activity - riding lessons by riding instructors with a competitive background, a riding team that participates in competitions, professional riding workshops.

"Derech al-Helob" center for kennels:

Located in the center kennel complex, where dog training and training services are provided,
A breeding ground for Labrador and Jack Russell dogs and their training as service dogs. Cooperation with the "Dog Star" habitat for breeding
German shepherd dogs. The center carries out therapeutic and experiential activities by instructors, therapists
and trainers with the help of the dogs, treatment classes, training and training of dogs, training classes for dog owners, camps, events and more.

"Ofer" Center for Wildlife and Farm Animals:

Located in the animal complex in the center, where sheep, goats, rabbits,
Voles, hamsters, mice, turtles, pigeons, parrots, ducks, peacocks, birds of prey, snakes and more. There is a center for winged birds and parrots - all of whom are used to human contact.
There is a therapeutic and experiential activity using the various animals by guides and therapists,
Classes, camps and more. The center hosts animals that need a period of rehabilitation and recovery until they are released back into the wild.

In addition, there are many veterinary clinics and housing units that serve as a warm home for mares and other animals, where during their stay they enjoy open areas, dedicated care and professional and experienced staff.


Director of the center: Shlomi Zahir Tel: 050-5405476 Email:

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